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Realizing needs of the rapid growth of service industry, Cadell has taken the opportunity to provide the industry with qualified skilled and semi-skilled workers. We supply workers to civil construction heavy engineering sector, oil & gas industry and technical services companied according to our clients specifications. As mentioned, being a service-oriented organization, we strive to ensure clients’ satisfaction by supplying the best workers for each job according to clients’ needs. We seek to provide only the best workers for the jobs without compromising on quality and safety. Hence we are able to ensure clients’ problems are solved.

Manpower supply services –scope

Cadell has been rendering HR Operations, Manpower Resourcing Services & Manpower supply services to multiple clients across various industry verticals. The various aspects of the manpower resourcing and manpower supply services include sourcing of candidates as per clients requirement, recruitment and selection of the candidates, on boarding of the employees and inducting them on Cadell’s payroll, processing their payroll including legal compliance. Employee’s engagement, movement, appraisals and compensation reviews as well as their movement to any other projects will be handled by Cadell as per the requirement and in consultation with Client. This offering provides supply, movement of manpower as per the requirements of client. Since these resources are employees of Cadell and there by Cadell takes complete ownership of managing all aspects of the employer employee relationship including compliances related to the same.

The Scope of work as explained hereunder indicates the complete the various aspects of this service which essentially forms part of this offering. The specifics are finalized based on our discussions with the client & on information provided. The various facts of such assignments have been listed in the various sub sections to get complete idea of the breadth of services that go under manpower supply services.

Recruitment & Selections (For overseas job)

  • Cadell will outsource the recruitment process through the manpower recruiting agencies.
  • Cadell can recruit the candidates as on the demand & needs of the client.
  • Cadell can monitor all recruitment procedures and assistance to the manpower recruitment agency.
  • Cadell finalizes the selection of the candidate and will submit to the client.
  • Incase of the deployed resource is not available due to resignation/absconding/redeployment/transfer etc. Cadell will source replacement candidates and follow the recruitment process as indicated herein above.
  • Cadell can provide pre-employment orientation training for visa approved client.

Recuitment & Selection (For domestic job)

  • Cadell can source the candidates based on the job description and skill sets identified by client and position resources from its internal pool as well as externally available profiles.
  • Client representative will interview the shortlisted candidate and confirm to Cadell on selected candidates. Client can aslso refer suitable/selected candidate to be hired by Cadell.
  • The complete process of recruitment and selection of the candidates carried out as per your requirement with final approval of each selected candidate, his/her agreed compensation and billing rate for each resource agreed post selection.
  • Based on the agreed compensation and billing rate, Cadell will issue appointment letter to the candidate. Cadell will confirm to client about closure of appointment and joining date.
  • At joining Cadell will complete the joining formalities of the candidate to complete on-boarding him/her on Cadell’s payroll.
  • Background screening from approved agencies of such candidate will be carried out if such requirement is identified by client for the resource and Cadell provide the BGV report to client within agreed timeframe. Cadell will update from time to time client on status of background checks for all its resources deployed at client offices.
  • In case of such specific requirement, the identified existing employees of client will be taken over by Cadell and they will be put on Cadell’s payroll from agreed date.
  • All personal details of the aforesaid employees will be provided by client to cadell.
  • Will provide approved log sheets indicating attendance of all the resources deployed at client for Cadell to process their payroll
  • The entire payroll activity for the deployed resources would be managed by Cadell while processing the payroll for all its employees.
  • Cadell will ensure the complete compliance of statutory deductions/obligations eg. PF, PT, ESI & LWF etc. for its employees.
  • All payments based on payroll process to the aforesaid employees will be made as per the current payroll process of Cadell Client will appoint specific point of contact for each unit/location Cadell will assign a single point of contact to coordinate the activities as well as resolve the queries and handle escalations.


To be one of the most preferred consultants In the country by the year 208 & globally by 2025


The vision shall be achieved through the application of ethical, transparent & societal principles

Our guiding principles

Following ethical business practices will pave way for a trusting professional relationship with clients. Delivering the requirements of the clients at the committed time (defined TAT) & with quality consciousness will create a mutually beneficial & professional relationship with clients. Only recruiting people without proper judgement, will put the things in ruin. This will lead to client as well as employee – dissatisfaction. This is achieved by using the diverse team strengths involved in the process.

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